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ClariFi electronically simulates the challenges of viewing an image on a mobile phone. It gives an indication of the things that can be determined from that image when displayed at 16 x16 mm on a mobile phone screen and viewed at different distances.

This tool is a macro enabled PowerPoint presentation that performs Gaussian blurring. A beta version of this tool is currently available on a free trial basis for feedback and review.

Does Clari-Fi correctly simulate image clarity on mobiles?

The images on this page are provided as examples to show that Clari-Fi actually works.

In order to ensure the e-commerce images below are presented at exactly 16 mm, use the — and + buttons below to alter the size of the image of a tape measure, until the 3 and the 7 cm marks line up with a ruler.

tape measure

For each of the following images, hold your phone at 70 cm (arms length away) and consider what you can discern from the image. Then view the equivalent ‘Mobile Simulated Images’ within the accompanying Clari-Fi demonstration slides, and verify that you can tell the same things.

Next, hold your phone at 40 cm (normal reading distance) and repeat. Finally, hold your phone at 25 cm (close to nose) and repeat again.

Test chart

Magnum image

Dove image