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Clari-Fi uses blurring to simulate the challenges of viewing small icons, images and text on mobile screens


Free version of assessment tool (beta trial)

This page applies a calibrated level of Gaussian blurring to a screenshot of an interface that is intended to be viewed on a laptop, in order to help evaluate the clarity of the visual features. The level of blurring that this tool applies is calibrated to simulate a 13" laptop.

The screenshot must be captured from a screen that is 1920x1080 resolution, with no zooming or display scaling.

The size of the screen that is used to capture the screenshot does not matter.

The free version of this tool only shows Check Level AA, and the level of blurring is calibrated to simulate a 13" laptop size of 13", at 1920x1080 resolution and 40 cm viewing distance.

The Pro version of this tool allows you to process multiple screenshots, shows all 3 Check Levels, and allows the size of the simulated laptop to be changed.

Get started by using the ‘Choose files’ button below to select an image file. The image will be processed locally by your computer; they are not transferred over the Internet.

When viewing the blurred version of the image, it should be presented at a reasonably large size, such that moving closer or further away from the screen doesn’t make any difference to the details that can be perceived.

This functionality has been launched as a beta trial. If you have any feedback on this new functionality, please send it to