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Clari-Fi uses blurring to simulate the challenges of viewing small icons, images and text on mobile screens


Clari-Fi helps to evaluate the visual clarity (i.e. perceptibility) of icons, images and text that are intended to be viewed on a mobile device. Clari-Fi speeds up the process of designing these graphical features, because it enables the visual clarity of these features to be evaluated on a large screen device, and uses blurring to simulate the challenges of viewing these features on a mobile device.

Before any new or updated e-commerce images are sent to retailers, Unilever now requires that these images must pass the ‘Clari-Fi’ visual clarity test. This takes less than a minute, and we have used Clari-Fi to test at least 20 thousand Unilever product images.  ”

- Unilever global e-commerce director
Sept. 2020

The level of blurring that's applied by Clari-Fi is calibrated to survey data that was gathered using a handheld test card, so the design team can be confident that if their graphical features appear 'easy to see' in the blurred version of the image, then the vast majority of their users will find these features 'easy to see' on their mobile devices*.

This tool is available separately for mobile screenshots and e-commerce images. A PowerPoint version of this tool is also available to download.

* Clari-Fi considers people who might have difficulty perceiving graphical features because of visual acuity issues. Some people may have difficulty perceiving graphical details for other reasons, especially colourblindness.



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Prices for Clari-Fi Pro licences

Prices for individual licences

  • £250 for a single named user, in perpetuity.
  • £1000 for 10 named users, for 12 months

Prices for 12 month site licenses

  • £1,000 for an organisation with less than 50 employees
  • £3,000 for an organisation with 50-250 employees
  • £5,000 for an organisation with 250-10,000 employees
  • £10,000 for an organisation with greater than 10,000 employees

All prices are + VAT.

Each of the above licences covers one assessment function (i.e. mobile screenshots OR e-laptop images). The same licence key will work for both the online and PowerPoint versions of Clari-Fi Pro.

If you would like to purchase a licence, please contact: