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Clari-Fi uses blurring to simulate the challenges of viewing small icons, images and text on mobile screens

Download PowerPoint version of Clari-Fi Pro

The PowerPoint version of Clari-Fi Pro is a macro enabled PowerPoint file, which gives you buttons on your toolbar that enable you to perform a quick visual clarity check on mobile screenshots and e-commerce images.

Initially, this tool will run in ‘free demo’ mode, which will add watermarks to the images. These watermarks can be removed by entering a licence key, which can be purchased by contacting (prices are shown opposite).

An browser-based version of Clari-Fi Pro is also available, and this uses the same licence key. The online version of Clari-Fi Pro is available separately for mobile screenshots and e-commerce images.

The PowerPoint version of Clari-Fi Pro only runs on Windows. If you would like to perform Clari-Fi assessments on Mac, please use the browser-based version.

How to install

In order to use this tool, you must first enable PowerPoint macros, then you can download and open the tool.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Open a blank presentation in PowerPoint
  • In File > Options > Trust centre > Trust centre settings, choose ‘Disable all macros with notification’. Whenever you open a macro enabled presentation, PowerPoint will now ask you whether to enable macros.
  • Close the blank presentation
  • Download Clari-Fi from the link below.

Download Clari-Fi v13.2 for windows

Downloading this file indicates acceptance of the following: You shall not modify, adapt, reverse engineer, translate or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of this PowerPoint file, or permit any of these things to happen.

  • Open the file that you just downloaded.
  • Click the button labelled ‘Enable Content’, as shown below:

Read Me: Notes on behaviour of this PowerPoint file and its licence key

  • When you first click on any of the buttons to assess images, you will be prompted to enter a licence key.
  • If you do not enter a licence key, then the simulated images will be watermarked with ‘DEMO’.
  • Licence keys may be purchased by contacting
  • Each licence covers one assessment function (i.e. mobile screenshots OR e-commerce images).
  • Once a licence key has been entered, simulated images for the licence function are produced without any watermarking.
  • The licence key is stored within the Windows account that is being used at the time.
  • If this PowerPoint file is sent to someone that does not have a valid licence key, any new simulations created by the recipient will be watermarked with ‘DEMO’. However, simulations that have already been produced will be unaffected.

Extended version (beta trial)

A beta trial of an extended version of Clari-Fi is being made freely available to all Clari-Fi licence holders until December 2021. The extended version contains the following additional functionality.

  • Producing layouts for bundle offers
  • Adding lozenges into image files

If you would like to try out this extended version, please email

Version history

  • v11 was the first publicly launched version, where licence keys were available for sale. It included a button that could process any number of image files. For each image, Clari-Fi simulated the challenges of viewing that image on a mobile phone, when held at various different distances.
  • v12 was the second publicly launched version. This version includes a process for evaluating e-commerce images against various different Check Levels (A,AA and AAA). These Check Levels are approximately calibrated to population data. Furthermore, this version can process selected images in PowerPoint, as well as image files. A beta trial of an extended version of v12 was also launched at the same time, which contains additional functionality to assess mobile screenshots, produce layouts for bundle offers, and add lozenges into image files. v12-01 of the extended version can handle mobile screenshots that are full width, but not necessarily full height (e.g banners).
  • v13 included the functionality to process mobile screenshots, in addition to e-commerce images. The tool bar icons were updated.
  • v13.1 and 13.2 included minor changes to the hyperlinks included within the instructions.


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Prices for Clari-Fi Pro licences

Prices for individual licences

  • £250 for a single named user, in perpetuity.
  • £1000 for 10 named users, for 12 months

Prices for 12 month site licenses

  • £1,000 for an organisation with less than 50 employees
  • £3,000 for an organisation with 50-250 employees
  • £5,000 for an organisation with 250-10,000 employees
  • £10,000 for an organisation with greater than 10,000 employees

All prices are + VAT.

Each of the above licences covers one assessment function (i.e. mobile screenshots OR e-laptop images). The same licence key will work for both the online and PowerPoint versions of Clari-Fi Pro.

If you would like to purchase a licence, please contact: